Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bonding the second time around

I haven't been around much here on the blog, Twitter, or Facebook. I'm also a couple weeks behind on e-mails (sorry!)

Why? I've been busy doing this...

My mind is bursting with things to tell you, thoughts I've been having, and the enumerable milestones and details of the girls' lives that I can't wait to document.

But lately when I've been sitting down to write my ear captures the faint sound of tiny coos and I can't help but scoop up the little miss and snuggle until we both fall asleep. Or my eyes glance over and see my tired husband, just begging {without words} to be joined on the couch by his just-as-exhausted wife.

And the keyboard sits, abandoned.

When Carina was born, it took me a little while to bond, to be honest. Labor and post-partum recovery were such a shock to my system. Coupled with the initial sleepless nights? It's almost as if I was robbed of emotion...I was too tired and in pain to feel anything.

But from the moment Aurelia emerged, it was different. I instantly wanted to breathe her in, hold her close, and never let go. It's not personal, of course, as I love my girls both the same. Maybe it's that I've done it all before and my body and mind knew what to expect. Or that I subconsciously wanted to get a jump-start on creating the same loving and all-encompassing bond that I have with Carina. I don't know...and ultimately? It doesn't really matter.

I'm simply thankful that I felt this way, and that the feeling has intensified, not only towards Aurelia but towards Carina and Mike as well. All I want to do is snuggle my whole family all day long, every day. I just can't get enough.

Those of you with 2 or more little ones, how did bonding compare?

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