Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sometimes sweat the small stuff - Guest Post

My name is Caroline, from Aidan... With Eos, and I’m a busy parent.  Judging by your taste in blogs, I’m betting that you are too!  We all know how easy it is to let things slip through the cracks when you’re juggling jobs, toddlers, spouses, and your last remaining shred of sanity.  The past 20 months have been a trial by fire in our house as we’ve miraculously ushered our infant into toddlerhood.  While I credit much of our survival to a firm “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” mantra, there are a few times that I’ve found it pays to attend to the details.
  • Expiration Dates – The upside?  Your tot is healthy as a horse – sniffles, sneezes, bumps, and bruises are the worst medical problems he’s thrown your way.  The downside?  The hoard of infant painkillers that you stockpiled before you brought home your bundle of joy may be expired.  Keep an eye out for that – common expiration offenders in our household are Tylenol, Motrin, Benadryl, rash ointments, and sunscreen.  I set aside half an hour once a month to check all of our meds (baby, pet, and gornw!), plus the food in our fridge and pantry.  Write it on your calendar!
  • Your Carseat – If you’re anything like me, you probably agonized over that first carseat installation.  Your newborn’s life was going to depend on it!  But how many times have you really looked it over since then?  As baby grows, you’ll need to adjust straps for comfort and safety.  And, more importantly, it’s vital to install the seat properly every time you move it.  Saving the manual can help – I keep mine in my car’s glovebox – and make sure to refer to it for installation techniques, height and weight limits, and other important information.  And don’t forget to keep an eye on the expiration date – carseats expire too!
  • Bottle and Binkies – Yup, I’ll admit it.  My Big Boy still uses bottles and pacifiers.  Also?  He has at least 7,000 teeth, no exaggeration (definitely an exaggeration).  I learned the hard way that it’s really important to check those bottle and pacifier nipples for bite marks.  A determined toddler can chew right through a nipple, leading to a very serious choking hazard.  If you notice cracks or holes, throw the nipple away immediately.  Replace it, blame it on the Binky Fairy, whatever works for you – but please make sure to check OFTEN for this hazard.

  • The Playground – As you teach your children to play safely and watch out for Stranger Danger, don’t ignore those lesser-known dangers.  Like the slide.  Turns out that placing your baby safely on your lap while sliding him down the Big Boy slide isn’t safe at all!  When I first heard about this, I was dubious.  I’m careful!  I’m his Mommy!  Of course it’s safe!  It’s not though – seriously – Google it.  Long story short – his little footie can get caught on the slide board.  If he were sliding alone, he’d stop.  But since he’s sliding with you, your weight pushes him right through the “snag” and breaks his leg.  Awful, awful, awful.  Stick to the solo slides!  And always do a quick walkthrough of the playground yourself before turning the kiddos loose. 
It's not all doom and gloom though, I promise!  There's one more detail that it's really important to pay attention to.  Fingerprints.  Teeny tiny fingerprints.  Look for them, love them, and treasure them.  Only too soon, your little boy will be too busy to leave them on your phone, your television, and your glasses.  Make sure they never leave your heart!

Please visit us over at Aidan... With Eos to watch as I try to keep up with my sneaky, spunky toddler.

Yeah so I should probably go check the expiration dates on all of our baby meds now...thanks, Caroline!

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