Sunday, October 7, 2012

She's not my little baby anymore

When Mike brought Carina to the hospital to meet Aurelia for the first time, I was struck by how different she seemed upon entering my recovery room. She looked taller. Bigger. More mature. She was chattering away in few-word sentences while dancing and skipping about. 24 hours hadn't even passed since I last saw her, but she had changed overnight.


Seeing her in the light of this day - a day that brought new life to our little family - left me lamenting the fact that she was no longer my little baby. I was already pretty emotional at this point, as I had just given birth about 12 hours prior and only slept for {maybe} 3 hours. Watching her gaze at her tiny newborn sister and remark, "shhh baby sleeping!" brought tears to my eyes.

Seeing the baby for the 1st time
Inspecting her more closely (with my Mother-in-law)
My big girl
"Kissing" her sister
As this vibrant and spirited little girl emerged before me I thanked God again and again for her, and for the tiny newborn in my arms.

I get to watch Carina grow and do it all over again, simultaneously, with Aurelia.

I am so blessed.

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