Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I know that everyone thinks that their kid is hilarious, and I'm no exception. As Carina has become more verbal her personality has emerged and I love it. She is such a curious, talkative, friendly, and funny little kid. Her words aren't all quite clear yet, which leads to lots of adoring giggles on my part. Some of my favorites...
  • On the way to one of my very last OB appointments, someone cut us off pretty badly, to which I exclaimed, "oh crap!" Little did I know that would begin a barrage of "oh kyap! oh kyap!" all the way to the clinic. Unfortunately, this has not let up. She still randomly yells, "oh kyap!"
  • Last month I made tortellini for lunch and she devoured it. She asked for more and I had to tell her that sadly, the tortellini was all gone. She echoed, "all gone tortelleelees!" She still says it at least a few times a day. I have no idea what makes her think of it.
  • When we gave her a couple chunks of Mozzarella the other day and told her what kind of cheese she was eating, she exclaimed, "Cinderella cheese!" Close enough, Carina, close enough. Mozzarella is now Cinderella in our house. No matter how many times we try to tell her the right word she stubbornly repeats Cinderella.
  • She has an obsession with clementines, although she doesn't call them by their proper name. To Carina, they are "oratimes", which must be (in her mind) a combination of orange and {sort-of} clementine. "More oratimes, please!" just about makes me stop whatever it is I'm doing and fawn all over her innocent adorableness. (is that a word?)

There are also a few things she says clearly, but crack me up nonetheless...
  • One day when I was busy tending to Aurelia I later found Carina elbows deep in kitty litter. I yelled, "no, Carina! Kitty litter is yucky!" So now whenever she sees it, she rather matter-of-factly informs me, "kitty litter yucky! kitty litter yucky!"
  • We have a book entitled Why oh why does baby cry? and it begins with the sentence, "baby's crying, why the tears?" Whenever Aurelia starts crying, Carina asks, very concerned, "baby's crying, why the tears?"
  • According to Carina things come in 3 sizes: the biggest thing is the "Daddy", the middle sized one is the "Mommy", and the littlest is the "baby". This applies to everything...including apples, buttons, stuffed animals...you name it. It's either Daddy, Mommy, or baby to Carina.
  • Along the Daddy lines, she has called Mike "Daddy-doo" for the last 6 months or so. It makes him melt, and makes me smile ear-to-ear every time.

What funny things do your little ones say?

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