Monday, November 26, 2012

Guilty as charged: I'm boring

Growing up I dabbled in a number of different activities: soccer, singing, field hockey, girl scouts, violin, and scrapbooking. But I never stuck with any of them for an extended period of time. I guess you could say I'd get restless, eager to find the next activity to catch my attention. The only thing I did consistently was my homework. Ha.

Not much has changed in my adult life. I'll try things here and knitting, cross-stitch, and genealogy, but soon I'll put it down and simply forget to pick it back up. I feel like I'm boring. I always dread the "tell us about yourself" and "what do you do for fun?" prompts/questions because my answer is...well, not much.

The only thing I do for fun on a regular basis now? Write.

I love getting my thoughts down on paper (well, the computer screen) and if I find that I don't have time to blog on a given day, I end up feeling unfulfilled. To me, blogging is not only fun, it is also how I wind down and relax. You might watch TV or read a book...I draw varying degrees of poopy diapers in MS paint.

Until Aurelia was born I posted almost every single day. Right now I have a list of 20 posts I want to write and I'm struggling with the fact that I just don't have time. Maybe researching how to make a clone of myself should be my next short-lived hobby? ;)

Now the dreaded {for me} question, what do YOU do for fun?

This week's Toddle Along Tuesday co-host is Amber from Goin' Bananas and the topic is hobbies! We mostly talk about our kids here, so let's talk about ourselves and what we like to do for fun, for once! There are no rules here, except that you link up a relevant post (old or new) rather than your whole blog.

Next week's topic is Mom Confessions. These don't have to be juicy or {terribly} embarrassing (but bonus points if they are!)...just whatever you feel like getting off your chest!

If you like advance notice for TAT, check out the bottom right of my blog - topics for the next couple months are listed. Would you like to submit a topic idea and/or volunteer to co-host one week? E-mail me!

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