Thursday, November 15, 2012

Following in her sister's footsteps

Carina has a stuffed monkey that is her best friend. She carries it everywhere and attempts to make it do whatever she does...including eat her dinner, play in the dirt outside, and take a bath. Poor Monkey has even been dangled precariously over the edge of the toilet seat and {unfortunately} has spent some time on the not-so-lovely sands of our cat litter box. Needless to say, he goes in the washing machine quite often. Carina adores this monkey and won't go anywhere without it. I hope that Monkey doesn't become her "hattie" (yes - I'm 28 and still have a security blanket).

6 months ago I received a diaper cake that came with an adorable stuffed monkey that looks so much like Carina's. Today, I gave it to Aurelia for the first time.

Not sure what to make of it
Mommy, I like it!
Carina spied the monkey and came running over with hers (of course)
Monkey has been stolen!
"Monkey kisses!"
I want my monkey back!
Does your little one have a stuffed animal or toy they can't live without?

Oh and by the way, that's just my not-even-8-week-old baby filling out a size 3-6 month outfit. Chunk.

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