Saturday, November 17, 2012

What turns your baby into a lunatic - Guest Post

Hi! I'm Roxanne from The Good Life.

I am a 4k teacher at a small Catholic school and I absolutely love my job. I get to sing and play with puppets all day long. Can it get any better than that? My man friend (the husband) just received his license as a mental health counselor so he is certified to deal with me everyday. I am killing some time for Melissa while she is taking in all that sweet newborn goodness with Aurelia and spending some time with her big girl Carina. I don't really blog about anything Fashiony or DIYey because I have absolutely no fashion and when I DIY it usually doesn't get finished. Hence the 3 huge blue swatches painted in my laundry room I am currently redoing and have been redoing for about 3 months and why my kitchen cabinets are half tea stained and half grey. I basically write about whatever is on my mind that day and usually it is this little lady.

Her name is Mckinley with a little k aka Kinley, kitten, little lady, nut job, snaggle rock, snot, peanut, quit eating that pile of dog hair! She is the light of my life and the reason our lives are so entertaining. I know every parent says their child is amazing, and beautiful, and wonderful, but she is all of the above and has been since the day she made her spectacular appearance into this world.

And then something happened. Something that changed my precious, sweet, smiling little lady. It seemed to come out of nowhere and we weren't expecting it to happen because we had been waiting so long.
What was it that changed our precious little girl into a screaming tiny lunatic.


Holy crap people. Teething is no joke! And anyone who tells you some B.S. about never even knowing their kid was teething and they just magically woke up one day with a mouth full is a big fat stinkin liar! 

Now don't let me scare you new parents with those sweet, cuddly, precious babies you may be that obnoxious person who tells everyone they were never up all night with a snotty screaming baby. Unfortunately we did not get that lucky. My husband and I are pretty laid back when it comes to our little lady. We don't panic when she gets sick like tonight she has a 102 fever and we are all fine, but the first night we experienced our child literally rolling on the ground, screaming like someone was killing her. We almost, no lie, took her to the emergency room because we figured that this couldn't be normal. And then the next morning her 2 bottom teeth had popped in. Then round 2 happened and we knew this maniac screaming at 11 and 1 and 3 and 5 could only mean there was something wrong and we should call the dr. and then her upper left tooth came in. Do you see a pattern? You would think we would be used to her low threshold for pain by now, but I swear it gets worse each time.

So what have we done about it you ask? Everything we could think of. Wet rags frozen with a little fruit puree so she will chew on it, but my wonderfully abnormal child (I wouldn't have her any other way) has never been a chewer and basically refuses to chew on teething toys. We tried tylenol, ibuprofen, or whatever you want to call the nasty medicine stuff, but it didn't seem to do anything and I honestly hated giving her medicine every night. We are currently using Hylands teething tablets and they seem to work the best for her. If you haven't tried them and you are suffering like we have run to your nearest Walgreens, CVS, whatever and get some because they are a  freaking Christmas miracle! I don't know what ingredient it is that helps, but God bless you whoever invented Hylands teething tablets and gel. Before I tell you our most recent save me from teething hell purchase you must know I am one of those cloth diapering, recycling everything I can get my hands on hippies even though you would never know it if you saw me. My pearls are a great disguise. Alright. Now you know my dirty little secret our newest teething purchase is a butterscotch amber teething necklace. You can see it in the picture of my sweet snaggle toothed girl. I honestly am not sure if it is a placebo or if there are really some natural earthly qualities that leak out of them, but I honestly think it might be working. Her upper right tooth has been working its way in and it hasn't been as bad as the first few. Plus it is a pretty cute accessory and we like accessories around these parts. I honestly don't know what else to do besides what we are already doing so if anyone has any suggestion go ahead and throw them my way. 

Now that I have scared every parent with a newborn or a child who hasn't had the pleasure of a jagged tooth popping through your sweet little gums I would like to Thank Melissa for letting me guest post on her amazing blog (geeky fan here) and congratulate this sweet family on their newest addition. 

Mckinley says be nice to your mama Aurelia and let the woman get some sleep.

And now I finally realize why Carina had a random fever the other day...I spy a tooth! Thanks, Roxanne!
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