Saturday, December 8, 2012

Last minute - let's talk parties

We already have Aurelia's baptism scheduled for the weekend after Christmas when we'll be visiting family in Philadelphia. We planned to have a reception afterwards. We also planned on throwing Carina a birthday party towards the end of January (her 2nd birthday is December 28th - HOLD ME).

But this morning I had a thought. If we throw a party for Carina in Philadelphia, most of our friends and family will be able to come. If we wait and have one here in Connecticut as planned, only a handful will make it. I think throwing two separate events in one weekend would be too much, but what if we combined them? We could have cake and decorations for Carina's birthday at the reception after the baptism.

Part of me feels a little bad because Carina didn't have a birthday party last year, but she's still too young {I think} to realize that she would be sharing her special day. In addition to family and friends being able to come if we do it this way (which is obviously the most important thing) it will also save us a lot of money, as we'll be throwing one event as opposed to two. And because I know someone will ask, we'll be putting "no gifts please" or something along those lines on the invitations.

I felt like this post needed a dose of super cute baby. Don't you agree?
What do you think? Have you ever combined events like this, and how did it go?

If we for sure decide to do this, invitations will have to be sent, like, yesterday ;)

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