Saturday, December 1, 2012

Three years since I jumped on the bandwagon

I began blogging on December 2, 2009 - three years ago tomorrow - to chronicle our attempt to start a family. It wasn't called "Growing Up Geeky" back then, it was "...And Baby Makes Three". I just went back and read my first-ever post and I remember so vividly the feelings I was having then. I was a bit impatient and even more of an over-sharer than I am now {if you can believe that's even possible}.

Raise your hand if you remember this photo! It was my header from 12/2009 through 3/2011
In my defense, at that time, the only people reading this blog were a handful of friends from the TTGP (Trying to Get Pregnant) Bump Message Board, of which I was an active member. I had no idea that I would still be blogging two children and three years later. My immediate family didn't know the blog existed until I found out I was pregnant with Carina and I began sharing it with friends last summer.

It became my pregnancy journal until Carina was born, and then transitioned into her virtual baby book, as I don't have the skills or patience to make a real baby book. I hope that someday my girls will be able to forgive the fact that I don't have their hospital bracelets and footprints arranged with shimmery naked baby stickers on stork-adorned card stock ;)

Anyway, I just want to thank you all for reading, commenting, offering help when I ask for it (and even when I don't), and sharing in our lives. I can't tell you how much it means to me to have you along for this sometimes crazy, always just-a-bit-messy ride.

P.S. To celebrate* I'll be having a new giveaway every few days until right before Christmas! *And because I accidentally overbooked and want to get them all done before the holidays. I'll be cutting way back afterwards due to the fact that I have virtually no time. If giveaways aren't your thing I hope you can forgive me ;)

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