Monday, December 3, 2012

What Mommy is hiding...

Who doesn't enjoy reading another person's secrets? While these may not be as embarrassing as some of my pregnancy confessions (except the last two, maybe), in truth they are all a little hard for me to admit to!
  • When Mike is home, I will enjoy an extra 10 minutes in the shower (and even on the toilet) because it's likely to be the only completely uninterrupted time I get until bedtime. And even then? I still might get bombarded by a curious toddler. "Where Mommy go?" ::shower curtain gets swiped aside by tiny hands:: "HI MOMMY!"
  • I like the smell of baby spit up. If Aurelia launches a little milk rocket on me I don't bother to change my clothes because I want to breathe it in all day long. I wish I were lying because this just sounds gross.
  • Almost every trip to the grocery store results in at least one impulse buy. A Cadbury chocolate bar, box of Junior Mints, or package of Mint Creme Oreos somehow mysteriously slips into my cart. OMG! How did that get in there? The best part: I hide it and reward myself with it on particularly rough days. Mike doesn't know about these purchases...well, until now I guess ;)
  • My brain somehow can't handle keeping track of two different children in diapers. I keep up with Aurelia's pretty well thanks to my Itzbeen. Poor Carina, though...on one occasion a handful of occasions I have forgotten to change her diaper for so long that she's leaked all over her pants. #motheroftheyear
  • This one is completely flameworthy: I forgot to buckle Aurelia in the swing yesterday and she FELL OUT of it. It barely phased her; she just grunted like she normally does when hungry. No crying whatsoever. Still? I feel like the worst mother ever. And I still don't quite understand the physics of how she landed directly underneath it. MUST STOP THINKING ABOUT IT...only makes me feel worse. Ugh.

Okay now you! Confess some stuff. Preferably flameworthy. Make feel better. ;)

This week's Toddle Along Tuesday co-host is Krystal from Krystal's Kitsch and the topic is Mom Confessions! These don't have to be juicy or {terribly} embarrassing (but bonus points if they are!)...just whatever you feel like getting off your chest! There are no rules here, except that you link up a relevant post (old or new) rather than your whole blog.

Next week's topic is Holiday Traditions. This can be anything! Talk about what you do for the holidays, show off photos of your decorations, whatever :)

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