Thursday, January 10, 2013

Aurelia - 3 Months


This is late. Mommy is sorry. These last three months have flown by. You have gone from a tiny little snuggly newborn to a big (more than twice your birth weight!) happy giggly coo-y (is that a word?) baby. You adore your sister and watch her constantly. You light up when you see me or Daddy. And? You consistently sleep for 12+ hours a night without waking. You = awesome.

You began barrel laughing and "chatting" quite often this month. You can also hold small items for short periods of time. When I stick out my tongue at you, you'll stick yours out in response! In your 3rd month of life we celebrated your first Thanksgiving, saw Santa, and visited your Grandparents in Massachusetts for the first time.

When either your Daddy or I sing to you, your smile widens and eyes light up. I think it's safe to say you love our serenades. Your favorite {that I sing} is More I Cannot Wish You from Guys and Dolls. Toys you seem to enjoy include your giraffe stuffed animal, wooden rattle, monkey lovey/rattle, and taggie blanket. You still love to snuggle and watch me make faces at you. Carina. You just ADORE your sister. You could watch her play for hours.

You still don't like clothes going over your clunker of a head. So? No onesies here. I'm sticking to zip up and button up sleepers and tops. You can only tolerate a few minutes of tummy time before you flip out and you are also less than fond of cold things touching hands, a cold changing mat, etc. When the TV is on you try to crane your neck to see it and I turn you in the other direction. I don't think you appreciate this ;)

Weight & height:
At your sister's 2 year appointment they did a quick check of your height, weight, and head circumference. You are 15 lbs. 12 oz. and 23.5 inches! Although, they couldn't straighten you out all the way so I'm thinking you're probably a wee bit longer. Your head circumference is still at the 90th percentile so all is well (last month your pediatrician wanted to keep an eye on it). We switched to size 3 diapers around 10 weeks and you are wearing your sister's cloth diapers in the same rise she was in just a couple months ago. Yowza! Most or your 3-6 Month clothes are getting too tight. I'm about to pull the 6-9 Month bin out of the closet. Also? When we visited Santa you wore the same dress Carina did when she was one. Size 12 Months!

My favorite photos from this Month:

I think you actually look quite a bit like your sister did at 3 Months. You still have about a half a pound and almost an inch on her, though!

Will you keep your blue eyes? Can't wait to find out.

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