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Surviving Infancy - keeping babies safe and parents sane! CLOSED

I wish my sponsor, Surviving Infancy, had existed when Carina was born. I remember leaving the hospital feeling like I had no idea what to do should an emergency arise with this new little person for whom I was completely responsible. We've been lucky in that neither of our girls have had too many for a few that I think I resorted to asking for your help because I didn't know how to handle them!

More about Surviving Infancy:
Developed by top physicians Dr. Maureen McCollough and Dr. Diane Birnbaumer, Surviving Infancy™ is a 3-hour 15-minute video guide that presents 36 essential topics covering infant and toddler safety, routine illnesses, common parenting challenges, immunizations and pediatric emergencies including choking first aid and CPR hands-on demonstrations. It was created to help new and expectant parents, grandparents-to-be and child caregivers navigate the often difficult aspects of infancy through the toddler years (0-3 years). Surviving Infancy™ is thought to be the most comprehensive video guide of its kind with unparalleled and authoritative content.

What inspired its creation?
The development of the Surviving Infancy video guide was inspired by the birth of my daughter Brooke who was born on March 27, 2011 (now 20 months old). Upon discharge from the hospital we were not given any instructions (like many new parents) as to how to properly care for our new daughter. We wanted an educational video guide that was:
  • Authoritative
  • Concise
  • Engaging 
  • Easy to refer to 
Upon much research, we found that there was definitely a lack of authoritative and concise educational DVDs available to new parents on the care of their new child which is astonishing since one would think that the health and safety of one’s new baby would be of utmost importance. With our company background in providing live and internet-based continuing education courses for medical professionals, it was clear that we had the resources and award-winning medical educators to create the video guide we searched long and hard for but never found. After over a year in development by top physicians, Surviving Infancy was born.

What topic covered in Surviving Infancy do you think is the most important "must-see" for new parents?
Parents and caregivers should know them all if looking after any child, but if we had to choose one topic all parent’s should be familiar with, it would be fever, because it is one of the most common symptoms managed by pediatricians and other health care providers and frequently results in unscheduled doctor visits, calls for medical advice and extensive use of over-the-counter fever-reducing medications such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. 

Mama G's take:
As I said before, I wish the Surviving Infancy video guide had existed when Carina was a tiny babe. Personally, I much prefer to watch a quick 5 minute video segment created and narrated by medical professionals on let's say, choking and the heimlich maneuver, than read a step-by-step description in a book or try to have someone explain it to me over the phone. Drs. McCollough and Birnbaumer are thorough and engaging and provide a great mix of video clips, hands-on instruction and informative slides in their discussions. The format (36 short topics) is perfect for those of you who (like myself) only have a few minutes at a time to spare ;)

Carina enjoys watching it, too. She'll bring it to me and say, "watch babies!"

You can purchase Surviving Infancy™ as a 2 DVD set, or as a streaming video. Get 20% off with promo code GEEKY20!

2 of my readers (yay, 2 winners!) will win a copy of the Surviving Infancy™ 2 DVD set!

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