Monday, January 21, 2013

I think the meds are working or else I would have lost my mind this weekend

Our weekend opened with one of those calls you dread getting: Mike's Grandfather was in surgery, and would not likely survive. We all but packed up to drive down to Philadelphia.

Then Friday evening I was notified by a reader about the creepy photo stealing and Facebook profile impersonating me. Upon viewing the fake profile for the first time my stomach instantly knotted and I thought I was going to lose my dinner all over the computer screen. Seeing my child being portrayed as someone else's elicited wrath within me I didn't know existed. When I saw the page that one of my friends referred to as "a shrine to murdered toddlers" with Carina's photo directly underneath all of the deceased children, I FREAKED. I went from angry to scared to a rather potent -- and if you were here in the room with us -- tangible combination of both.

Saturday morning Carina felt a little warm but I didn't think much of it. Later in the afternoon she became lethargic (which isn't like her at all) so I checked her temperature and was shocked to see 103.5 °F. She was miserable, wouldn't eat or drink, slept terribly, and was up at 3:30 AM Sunday morning and would not go back to sleep. Mike had to work, and the girls staggered their naps so I was awake from that ungodly hour onwards without a chance to nap.

Despite all that, I managed to keep my cool all weekend. There wasn't even a single instance when I felt really anxious. Mad, frustrated, upset, exhausted? Sure. But there was never any sense that I was going to lose it. So I conclude that the medication might be working?

And more good news all around: Mike's Grandfather made it through surgery and is recovering, Carina was feeling 100 times better today, and both the creepy Facebook page that had Carina's photo AND the impersonator profile are gone.

After your encouragement and some thinking I've decided not to be driven off. Instead? I'll be watermarking and will dish out some MOMMYSMASH to creepers.

So here's your obligatory super cute please-vote-for-me-on-Top-Baby-Blogs WATERMARKED photo. Pretty please click it (or the banner below) and me love you lone time. If you remember to vote daily I would love you even longer time ;)

P.S. Many of you asked how I found out about the Facebook creepiness. A reader told me. She heard about it from another blogger who was also impersonated. That blogger received a random comment on her blog telling her that it looked like someone had taken her photos. Just for fun...if you missed it, the admin of the page actually commented on my previous post...enjoy ;)

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