Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Carina is 2!

Carina -

On December 28th (sorry, Mommy is late again) we celebrated your 2nd birthday. You've gone from a tiny blob of a newborn to a happy, energetic, and quirky little girl.
I can't believe how much you have grown. Even from early on everyone commented on your big, beautiful eyes. I hope they stay this big and beautiful forever.

What's up with you:
You're speaking in sentences and can pretty much repeat any word we say, and then use it again in the correct context. It's amazing being able to ask you questions and have you answer. You can tell me what you'd like to eat for lunch. You can ask me what I'm doing. You talk talk talk nonstop and I love hearing your little voice. And you seem to think you're a Disney prince. A few times a day you'll say, "I'm Prince Eric!" or "I'm a Prince!" Hilarious. You have also started trying to sing. You know a few lines from "A Whole New World" from Aladdin and "Once Upon a Dream" from Sleeping Beauty and hearing you "sing" makes me smile every time.

You can say the numbers in order 1 through 10. I don't say count because we're still not sure if you completely understand the concept yet. Although you have on a few occasions looked at a group of three things and said, "3!" You're getting there. You can identify all of the letters of the alphabet, most shapes, and colors as well.

You like to jump and climb whenever possible. You climb on me and exclaim, "climbing Mommy mountain!" You can open doors now (eek!) and are getting better at using utensils. You'd still prefer to use your hands, though.

Your expressions kill me. You might just have the best side-eye ever.

  • First and foremost, your binky and monkey. After you saw Aladdin for the first time your monkey gained a new name: Abu. We tried to wean you off of the binky but it didn't go so well. We need to give it a go again, soon.
  • Food: mozzarella cheese (or cinderella cheese), clementines, yogurt-covered raisins, black beans, Nutella (just like Mommy!), toast covered in butter and cinnamon sugar, and cheesy eggs.
  • Playing with your play kitchen and princess figurines.
  • Snuggling. You'll say, "snuggle Mommy couch!" and grab my hand and lead me over to the couch to sit together. Please never stop this. I can't tell you how much I love it, too.
  • Watching Mommy or Daddy draw (after you demand it) Disney princes, princesses, and sharks in every color of the rainbow for you.
  • Watching Super Why, Sofia the First, The Little Mermaid, and Aladdin.
  • Reading books. Your recent favorites are the Llama Llama series, Disney princess books, and a few Sandra Boynton books.

  • You still hate brushing your teeth and fight us every single time.
  • When I turn off the TV. I swear you'd watch it all day every day if we let you. Good thing we don't ;)
  • Taking a shower. Sometimes you love showering with Mommy or Daddy, but other times you scream bloody murder.

Height & Weight: A few weeks ago you weighed in at 23.5 lbs. and were 34 inches tall. We are FINALLY done with the Failure to Thrive diagnosis. At your Pediatric Nephrologist appointment in mid-December he was very happy with your growth and told us we have nothing to worry about. You're just a small kid! You are still in size 4 disposable diapers overnight and we had to completely unsnap most of your One-Size cloth diapers. You are in size 5 shoes and will be headed into 6s soon. Most of your clothes are size 24 Months and 2T. Your 18 Month pants are outgrowing you lengthwise, but still are too big in the waist! We need to find some pants with adjustable waistbands.

21 Months
22 Months
23 Months
I'm 2!
Birthday sundae
Happy Birthday, Carina.

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