Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Aurelia - 5 Months


This month you've become more alert and active. We're down to 3 solid naps each day, with 1.5-2 hours of awake time between them. Rejoice! The 4 Month wakeful is over and you're back to sleeping 12+ hours without waking each night...except the nights when Daddy wakes you up when he comes to bed by speaking too loudly (you're still sleeping in the Rock n Play next to our bed).

You can sit up for very short periods of time unassisted and you have begun babbling here and there. I think you've begun teething as well; you want to stick everything in your mouth all day long, especially the taggie blanket Mommy's old friend from work made you. This month we went to music class at the library for the first time, and you met a baby younger than you! Your eyes are still blue, but almost daily I feel like I can see them changing. Some days it looks like they're turning brown, and others I think I see green. Who knows? Carina was 8 Months old before I "called" hers.

We broke out the Jumperoo at the beginning of the month and you are loving it! You play in it twice a day for a little while and sometimes Carina joins you, dancing and jumping around. You're also enjoying your new bouncer, sitting in the Bumbo, and playing with links.

Sudden movements and loud noises and your Daddy's scratchy stubble. That's about it these days. You are such a chill, happy baby!

Weight & height:
A rough weigh-in and measure has you at 17.5 lbs. and 25.5 inches. You have graduated to size 4 disposable diapers which means that you and Carina now WEAR THE SAME SIZE. Whoa. One size cloth diapers are still on the middle setting. Most of your 6 Month size outfits are getting rather snug, we're opting for 6-9 Months most of the time.
Showing off sitting up!

My favorite photos this month:
Hanging with Mimi (my Mom)

I think you look quite a bit like your sister did at 5 Months, except you have hair! ;)

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