Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Carina's new {relatively cheap} favorites

If you're anything like us, you have entirely too many toys. We've started trying to cycle them because otherwise a vast majority would never get any playtime. But there are a number things that we won't put away because Carina is obsessed with them. Here are her favorites that are $15 and under.

1. Fancy Nancy books - Carina loves the illustrations and the new vocabulary words that Nancy "teaches" in the book. She now says "Mmm, delectable!" (below right) whenever I give her something to eat. It's adorable.
2. IKEA Train Set - not only does she like to push the train along the track, she also enjoys lining up her princesses on it.
3. Sofia the First figure playset - this show is Carina's new favorite and she goes crazy over this little playset. She carries it around most of the day. No joke - she takes Sofia, Princess Amber, and Prince James in the bath and crib with her.
4. Llama llama books - I got this whole set through my Mother-in-law's Scholastic book order thingy for $14 and I think I've read them each at least 100 times. Before most of her naps, Carina makes me read at least 3 of them. She loves the llama and his tantrums.
5. Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pad - Carina has spent hours and hours playing with this. It comes with 5 scenes and ~30 stickers per scene. It's just like the colorforms I played with when I was little. The under the sea scene is her favorite.
6. Sofia the First book - this book is adorable. The illustrations are exactly like the show and Carina has made me read it 4 times in a row.
7. Disney Look and Find books - just like Where's Waldo? but much easier, obviously, and with Disney characters. When we first got it for her birthday, Carina enjoyed looking at the pictures but couldn't really "find" any of the objects. Now she can find them all!

Note: All of these were either purchased by us or were holiday gifts (not sponsored). I just wanted to share what she's currently loving with you and I'm sure she'll enjoy looking back at this some day...

What toys or books is your little one crazy about these days?

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