Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ephemeral Saturday morning jealousy

Every now and then, I'll spend some leisurely time on Facebook on Saturday mornings with a {rather large} cup of coffee in hand. I'll scroll through my News Feed looking at photos of cute babies, pets, vacations, and inevitably -- the crazy shenanigans that went on the night before. You know the type of photo I'm talking about and I apologize in advance to my friends in the following photos... ;)

A Halloween Party - I don't usually randomly wear Girl Scout uniforms
We are...uhh..enjoying the balloon hats? I think this was a very drunk place in Cozumel
Whenever I catch a glimpse of someone's wild night out or latest international vacation I can't help but feel a small pang of jealousy. If only for a few moments, I long for the days when we were able to pick up and go out (or travel) without having to worry about anything or anyone else.

Cruising the Pacific Ocean
When those friends of mine were out at 1 AM laughing and drinking and dancing I was up cleaning spit-up off of bed sheets and rocking a toddler having night terrors back to sleep. While I was scrolling through my News Feed on Saturday morning after being awake for 3 hours, they were likely still in bed. Enter green-eyed monster.

But then Carina climbs into my lap and throws her tiny arms around my neck and exclaims, "I love you Mommy!" or Aurelia giggles heartily as she jumps in the jumperoo and the fun I thought I was missing on Friday night is completely forgotten. I wouldn't trade anything for the freedom to do whatever I please whenever I want. I'm exactly where I want to be, doing what I have always wanted to do <3

What about you? Do ever find yourself {if even for a brief moment} longing for carefree days?

P.S. While watching a Catfish marathon on MTV on Saturday morning I quickly realized that every commercial was for a vacuum cleaner, mop, or cleaning supplies and I thought to myself, what crap marketing manager put these commercials on MTV? And then I realized that it was Saturday morning at 8 AM and there was not a single teenager awake in America. But Moms who like trashy TV? Yep...touché, MTV.

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