Sunday, March 10, 2013

Just put the last few twigs in the nest

Not even a week before Aurelia will sleep in it for the first time, we have finally finished our shared nursery (or as Mike just adorably referred to it as the nest). It was a bit of a project fitting both cribs and everything else in such a small room, but we managed {for now}. Hopefully when we move in a year or so, the girls will each have their own space.

Carina was so excited as I took these pictures. She ran around the room to "show" me everything.

As you might notice, we didn't change much. Carina's nursery contained most of the same before. What's new? We finally got their mobiles hung up, put a few things on the walls, and decluttered. Oh, and the second crib, of course.
Mobile - custom made by Aprilderek
Aurelia's mobile
Amanda from Aprilderek contacted me about making a mobile for baby Aurelia months before she was even born. (Fun fact: Amanda was due with a baby girl at the end of September, too!) The owl, bird, and flower mobile fits our green nursery colors and woodland theme perfectly. Each felt critter, flower, the tree branch base (my favorite!), and the letters of Aurelia's name on circles all the way around the mobile are intricately and beautifully crafted. I love how each bird and owl is unique and are decorated on both sides.

A little about Amanda:
I am a 26 year old stay at home mom to one darling baby girl. I simply love crafting! A couple of years ago I discovered, a site where everything is either handmade or vintage, and I knew immediately that I wanted to sell on this site! I began brainstorming. I wanted my designs to be cute, yet modern. After some prototypes, I came up with several baby mobile designs. I was hooked and still am :-)

We put Aurelia in her crib for a few minutes today to let her become acquainted with it. Upon setting her down, she stared right at the mobile and cooed. I think it's safe to say she likes it. Carina pointed at it and said, "that's amazing!" too. Thanks so much for making such an adorable mobile, Amanda :)

Well there you have it...the nest is finished and hopefully {fingers crossed} Aurelia will sleep in it happily come Friday night. I am so eager -- and nervous -- to see how they manage sleeping together in the same room. If your kids share a room, how does it go?

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