Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Not another girl

While bathing Aurelia today, her chubby arms flailed about as she giggled and splashed water everywhere. Carina hated baths when she was a baby. The rare times she didn't scream from beginning to end, she would at the very least pitch an epic fit as soon as I removed her from the tub, unceasing until she was fully clothed and nursing.

In this and many other things, Aurelia and Carina have proven to be very different. Carina cried and fussed quite often when she was a newborn. Aurelia has been pretty chill and relaxed. Carina was babbling, yelling, laughing, and squealing constantly at this age. Aurelia does a little, but is mostly pretty quiet. Carina would nurse for 30-45 minutes at a time while speed demon Aurelia needs 10 minutes tops on a slow day.

I'm sure these are just the beginnings of the differences between our two girls and there is no doubt that we will see many others emerge as they grow and develop. I know it's just semantics, but when we found out that Aurelia was a girl I was careful not to say that we were having another girl. Maybe it's completely in my head, but whenever I see or hear someone state that they are having "another" of either sex I read it as if it is laced with a twinge of disappointment. I wanted to be sure it never came off that way in our case, as I couldn't have been more excited that Aurelia was a girl.

Even though we have two girls, they are nowhere near carbon copies of each other, and are becoming more different by the day. Aurelia just isn't another Carina.

Here's to my not another girl.

If you have multiple children of the same sex, how similar or different are they?

P.S. This might win for lamest post ever. I blame the two beers I just downed while watching Villanova beat #5 Georgetown. And maybe I'll I go grab another...muhahaha

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