Thursday, March 7, 2013

Oh stretchie! my stretchie!

Oh stretchie! my stretchie!

Zipped up in your penguins and snowflakes and sweets,

my girls are so comfortable, whether plump or petite.

Snuggly and warm, oh-so stretchy to boot.

Methinks that I just cannot handle the cute.

Others may imitate, but with you they can't compete.

When it comes to footie PJs you are certainly elite.

Oh stretchie! my stretchie!

You are a sight for sore eyes.

How I'm wishing and hoping you came in my size.

Note: this post is not sponsored by nor am I affiliated with The Children's Place. This is just me, lovin' on the most spectacular and adorable article of baby clothing ever - their stretchies.

P.S. In lieu of a monthly sponsor post I'll be thanking my sponsors individually at the bottom of posts throughout the month. New Mom in the Burbs is currently having a Scentsy giveaway! All proceeds from her Scentsy party will go to raise funds for children's mental and physical enhancement activities.
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