Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Verdict: this grass isn't greener

As I left for work this morning Carina ran up behind me yelling, "no! Mommy gotta stay!" I looked into her big brown eyes and for the first time, felt regret at my decision to go back to work. Turning the key to lock the door on my way out was like twisting a knife into my heart as I could hear her on the other side calling, "Mommy!"

I guess I'm lucky that this didn't happen until work day #7, but for this and a few other reasons I'm feeling pretty certain that I don't want to continue full time after my contract is up in July. Part-time? Maybe. Part-time remote? Even better. I knew it would be hard to be away all day, but I didn't count on being exhausted all the time. On a nightly basis I'm fighting falling asleep right after dinner and succumbing to shut eyelids before 10 PM. Then up again at 6 AM. Rinse. Repeat.

Is it Friday yet?

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