Monday, April 8, 2013

What I missed last Spring & Summer

The better I feel the more I'm slowly realizing that my anxiety {specifically the agoraphobia} may have predated Aurelia's arrival. Last Spring and Summer we didn't get out much. It would have been the perfect time to explore this new city and state we're living in, but we only made it to the park a couple times a week and that was it. I told myself it was because I was pregnant and tired, but in retrospect...that was my easy out.

This year? Nothing is going to stop me from enjoying everything: the fresh air, the sun, this city, my girls.

We went to the Peabody Museum at Yale on Saturday and Carina circled the dinosaur room over and over. She informed me that Brontosaurus is her favorite and that he says, "RAWR!!" She also enjoyed the butterflies, ants, and "YUCKY snakes!"

On Sunday we let the girls play outside while we cleaned up the yard. We also set up the girls' Christmas gift from their aunt -- a water and sand table. 

Helping Daddy
Almost finished!
All done!

I'm not so sure about the sand, though. We might fill it with something a little less messy since sand + water = mud, and Carina discovered mud this afternoon and practically bathed in it. Daddy wasn't quick enough ;)

Any ideas for what to put in the sand side?

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