Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Toddler Talk - "Owww my boobs!"

Since Carina seems to be obsessed, let's talk about boobs.

When I'm engorged, she'll look at me and say "Mommy has big boobs!" Ha, it's the only time I have big boobs ;)

While romping, she often elbows me in the boobs to which I reply, "ow!! My boobs!" She has begun repeating this when she falls down or gets bumped. Hearing a 2 year old yelp, "owww boobs!" makes my day. Every time.

I don't pump at home very often, but when I do, she is intrigued. She stands next to me, watches, and exclaims, "Mommy pumping!" A few times now she has climbed up on the couch after I finish, put her hands on my chest and pushed on one boob, and then the other...over and over again. "Mommy pumping!" I guess she thinks she's my manual pump?

Got any toddler boob talk to share? ;)

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