Monday, June 3, 2013

Yes, I'm blogging at 1:30 AM

It's my first night/morning off after having two night shifts in a row, and I don't think I have ever been this tired.

I've worked night shifts during Go-Lives before, but that was pre-children. When I got home, I could crash and sleep until the evening if I wanted to. But now? I get home at 6:30 AM, feed the baby, snuggle Carina for a few, and then attempt to fall asleep. Mike or the Nanny wakes me up to feed the baby before her first nap (or else my boobs would explode) around 9, and then again before her 2nd nap at noonish. That is, if I'm not already awake for the day by then. I think I've gotten about 5-6 hours of sleep each day so far. Not bad, but it's not uninterrupted so I sort of I feel like I haven't slept at all.

The good news is that it has been going really well so far. We've been able to solve/fix most of the issues quickly and the end users are happy. Even better news is that my boss has asked me to stay on past my original contract end date of July 19th, through September 27th. I told him I'd be willing to if we could work out some flexible hours. So now I have to decide what our ideal would be (how many hours at the office vs. at home, and how many total) and then we can talk after the Go-Live ends next week.

I'm really excited! The only downside is that our Nanny (who we love) probably won't be able to stay on if I cutback my hours too much. So we might have to explore other childcare options. We'll take it as it comes.

P.S. Night shift workers, I have so much respect for you.

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