Friday, June 28, 2013

Back to basics & the truth about my lackadaisical blogging

I haven't yet been extended beyond my contract's current end date - September 27th. According to everyone on my team, they are lobbying for me to stay but apparently it's up to leadership and what the budget allows. My boss has been encouraging me to work as much as possible and since I'm hourly, I have obliged. 

The truth is...after living on such a tight budget for so long and knowing that the end of this infusion of money is in sight, I feel like a hoarder. I'm working as many hours as I can before it runs out. After the girls go to sleep, I open up the computer and work for an hour or two. When they're napping on the weekend, I work.

I'm tired. I want to blog, or relax, or clean (ha who am I kidding...I don't want to clean, but I need to) but I end up working instead. I think part of this anxiety driven because I can't entirely pinpoint what's making me feel this compulsion...

So yeah, I think it's pretty obvious I haven't been blogging much :)  I miss it and I'm having Twitter & Facebook withdrawal. I'm not able to get on during the workday and then since I've been absent, it seems overwhelming once I get home because I've missed so much. Working Moms who blog and spend time on Social Media, how do you manage this?

Another thing contributing to my anxiety is the business side of blogging. I'm getting rid of most of my ads leaving only a handful of small ones, and then the rest will be swaps. I love doing {free} swaps with you and welcome blogs of any size and type. Okay maybe not any type...those who detail their Karma Sutra exploits in graphic detail need not apply. Really, those blogs exist. I'm not even sure why I know that...

But I digress. I'm also still not taking on any further sponsored posts, but I have a few that I promised months ago (sorry!) that I haven't yet finished. So please bear with me while I get them done. I am so thankful for the opportunities that this blog has given me but it's time to focus on the girls and my {continued} progress on the anxiety front.

I'm looking forward to getting back to basics.

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