Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Daddy saves Tinkerbell

On Saturday we made another trip to the Renaissance Faire. Last time we went, Carina wasn't even 18 Months old and I was just over 5 Months pregnant.

While wooden swords ruled her inaugural trip, this go around Carina was much more interested in the fairy wings, princess dresses, and magic wands. We dressed her in her Rapunzel costume (her uncle's Christmas gift to her) and pretty white sandals. She pretended to be Rapunzel for part of the day exclaiming, "I turn 18!" and "I gunna try to get married!" to which Mike responded by taking a {rather large} swig of Whiskey.

I made the mistake of forgetting to take out the camera, so we only snapped a few with Mike's smartphone camera.

We bought her a set of fairy wings and a wand and she ran around for hours, flitting from stand to stand admiring the wares and saying Hello to the other princesses. She was greeted as "your Highness" or "princess" on multiple occasions. She loved every minute of it...well, except for when she spied a Tinkerbell doll tied up over a spitfire at a metalsmith's stand.

That really upset her. So much so that later that night, she refused to go to sleep, yelling, "Daddy gotta save Tinkerbell!" 8 PM: "TINKERBELL!" 8:30 PM: "Daddddyyy! Gotta save her!" 9 PM: "We gotta go back to Faire! Daddy gotta save Tinkerbell!"

At 9:15, Mike called Target and asked if they had any Tinkerbell dolls. The employee set one aside and Mike sped off to "rescue" her. By the time he returned home, she had finally fallen asleep. Mike put the doll in her hand and said something I'll never forget: "I won't always be able to save the day for her, so I'm going to do it while I can".

When she awoke the next morning to find herself holding an unscathed Tinkerbell, we heard over the monitor, "Daddy! You SAVED Tinkerbell!" and we melted. She's so thoughtful and sweet and I am so proud she is mine. And how lucky am I to be married to such a knight in shining armor? ;)

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