Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Seriously?!? and dollar aisle fail

My computer and I have had a rough relationship. Early on Carina spilled coffee on it and the keyboard died. Shortly before Aurelia was born it crapped out and I could only use it in safe mode for a few weeks. Now? It won't even turn on. I just can't believe my luck.

I'm trying to decide whether to invest in a MacBook, buy another cheap (~$400) laptop, or try an iPad. Thoughts or recommendations?

Okay, on to what I wanted to talk about tonight. I love the Target dollar aisle; treasures and surprises await us all there. I thought I hit the jackpot a couple months ago when I spotted a series of (bilingual!) Disney Princess books for only $1 each. I grabbed Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, and Ariel and squeeeeed in anticipation of how excited Carina was going to be to "read" them. I gave her the Ariel book first.

This is the most obnoxious book I've ever read. I wish I had opted to read it before I ran out of Target patting myself on the back for making such a great purchase. Carina loves it, though, so Mike and I have started to trick each other into having to read it. 

"Carina! Don't you want to read Ariel's Baby Beau? I bet Daddy would love to read it to you! Why don't you take it to him?" ::chuckle chuckle smirk:: Carina trucks off to Mike with book in hand and I see him flash me a death glare. Mission accomplished.

My main problem with this book is the made up words. My toddler doesn't need to be exposed to "Fantabulicious!" And it doesn't even make any sense in the context of the book. UGH. CHILDREN'S BOOK AUTHORS PLEASE DON'T EXTEND THE SHELF LIFE OF STUPID NOT-REAL WORDS.

So Mike and I don't read that last part of the page and roll our eyes every time we skip over it.

The only redeeming aspect of the book is the page below. Carina loves it when I read it in a grumbly voice.

Random post today, folks. I blame the husband's latest homebrew (which is 7% alcohol) and the fact that I didn't eat much at all today ;)

Anyone else have a children's book you can't stand that your kid loves? Or do you share my hatred of dumb made-up words?

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