Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Gs do Colorado

Brace yourself for a massive photo dump.

Last week we headed out to Colorado Springs for a close friend's wedding. The best thing about this locale is that my best friend also lives there. We stayed with her and her adorable family for a long weekend.

Truth be told we were a little nervous about how this was going to go. We have flown with Carina a number of times (and it usually involves projectile vomit), and this was Aurelia's first time in the air. They were better than we could have ever expected! People on the plane fawned all over Aurelia and remarked how well behaved Carina was. The secret? We brought new toys, books, and snacks and this occupied their time for most of the duration of both flights each way.

Our weekend consisted of lots of play time for the girls, a trip to my best friend Maggie's Mom's pool club at the foot of the mountains (gasp! GORGEOUS), an afternoon at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, a beautiful wedding, and a few drinks. We left feeling surprisingly refreshed and relaxed and wish we could go back already.

Only 3.5 months apart - Abby and Aurelia are going to be best friends someday!
Sharing blueberries on the kitchen floor
Proof that God has a sense of humor
Carina wasn't afraid to feed him
They don't look alike at all, do they? ;)
My best friend Maggie
Oh hai!
Carina's first ever carousel ride
Sister high-five...or was she trying to hit her? Not sure...
We asked Carina where she was going in the car, and she told us that she had to go to work. Mike probed further, "what are you going to do at work, Carina?"

"I gunna go do science!"

And then Mike's heart exploded. What an awesome trip.

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