Monday, June 9, 2014

Realizing I can't do it all

I'm tired. Really tired. Watching the kids all day long followed by working until 11 PM every night tired. This has been the story of the last month. Even the weekends have mostly been watching the girls while Mike works, and then working myself when he comes home.

Why am I torturing myself? I thought I could do it. But then the ~10 hour/week job turned into more like 20 hours/week…and then I realized the house was a dump. I could feel my anxiety coming back but had no time to do any of the things that help keep it at bay (read, do puzzles, just relax).

I don't have to can't be Supermom. It's not good for my mental, emotional, or physical (SO TIRED!) well-being.

So, I:
1. Hired a new part-time babysitter (a neighbor who is really flexible and the girls love her, woohoo!) She starts this week.
2. Started getting our groceries delivered. Whatever. You can judge.
3. Will be searching for a house cleaner this weekend.

The best part: now I can feel like the time I spend with the girls will be well-spent. I won't be ducking away for 5 minutes here and there to read and respond to work e-mails.

A close second: I cannot wait to have my nights back to myself. ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK HERE I COME.

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