Friday, February 26, 2010


I swear I have been sneezing constantly for the last 24 hours. Being an idiot, I decided to google frequent sneezing and found a plethora of people and websites claiming that it's an early pregnancy symptom (here's one example: Babies Online - Pregnancy Rhinitis). In addition to sneezing, I've also had head congestion and a stuffy nose that started about 24 hours ago. Coincidentally, the website also says that those are symptoms of Pregnancy Rhinitis. I know, I know...I probably just have a cold. Someone please smack some sense into me.

M is out of town visiting his brother in California, so even if I do get a positive test sometime this weekend, I won't be telling anyone. I'm hoping to hold out to test until he gets home on Sunday, but we'll see if I have the will power. If I am so fortunate to get a BFP (big fat positive) it is going to be really hard to keep it a secret!

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Melissa said...

Don't want to get your hopes up sweetie, but for the last 2 pregnancies, I've had a really sore throat. I still have it now. Its like I am dehydrated. Anyways, I am stalking your chart daily!! xoxox

-Melissa (lissa_emily)

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