Friday, February 19, 2010

Back from the doctor's office...

I ovulated on Wednesday (finally, on cycle day 21) and I had ovulation pain on Tuesday and Wednesday, like I usually do. Thursday, it went away but returned at night. It was so bad I went to bed early. Every time I moved around it hurt. Fast forward to this morning; it still hadn't gotten any better. When I went to the bathroom around lunch time it was so awful I broke down and called the doctor.

The OB who saw me was very nice. When I told him about my ovulation pain he said its definitely possible that what I'm feeling now is the follicle that released the egg. It could have gone a bit out of control instead of going away after I ovulated. I just hope the egg actually got released!

He had me take a pregnancy test (despite my telling him I am only 2 dpo - days post ovulation) and he checked my pee for an infection, but everything came back negative. He gave me a prescription for Tylenol + Codeine to help deal with the pain. He said if it gets a lot worse to come back for an ultrasound. Otherwise, I'm just supposed to wait for it to go away.


And now for something completely different. Here are a few of the first pics I took with my new iPhone:

Our furbabies Layla and Rufus
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