Sunday, February 13, 2011

Want to see something scary?

Can you figure out what this is?

It's my saggy, cavernous belly button.  It is just a shadow of its former self. It used to be so tiny and cute; I loved it. Now you can barely even see the "button" part.  I warned you it was scary, hahaha.

On the plus side, my linea nigra is starting to slough off.  It was dark dark brown right after giving birth and I am so happy to see it fading.

When I posted about my 6 week post partum visit I forgot to include a picture.  So here it is, my 6 week post partum belly:

It's still super jiggly and I laugh every time I look at it.  Hopefully my poor distended ab muscles will start to tighten soon :)

4 words of geekdom:

Katib77 said...

Don't worry Missie, I'm sure you'll get your cute "button" back soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Melissa.

I'm still waiting for my cute "button" 24.5 years later! haha :)

Shannon said...

You look fantastic, jiggly and all. It will tighten soon enough! :)

Katie said...

This actually makes me feel so much better. I was worried that it wasn't normal for my tummy to look like it does 4 months out. I also have a nice, purple c-section scar, too, but luckily it's mostly hidden in my pubes (sorry.. tmi?), and it too will fade eventually. :)

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