Monday, April 11, 2011

The good, the bad, and the pukey

Good: Carina was baptized this weekend! My Grandfather is a Catholic Deacon and he performed the ceremony in Cape Cod on Saturday. She slept through most of it, right until it came time to pour water on her head. She woke up crying, the poor thing.

Here we are right after the ceremony:

Carina with her Godparents (my sister, and M's brother):

Getting kisses from her cousin later on:

It was so great to see our families.  Aside from the baptism, this weekend was special since it was the first time that M's brother and my younger sister met Carina.

Bad: Her behavior while traveling on Thursday and yesterday must have been retribution for all of the times that I judged parents of screaming babies while flying.  Whenever I was forced to sit near a crying baby on a flight I rolled my eyes and asked my travel companion, "why would you ever travel with a baby?"  Payback is cruel. 

Carina almost never stopped crying while at the airport or on the plane.  There was literally nothing we could do to calm her down most of the time, and we tried everything.  She didn't want to be in the Moby, she didn't want her pacifier, she would only nurse here and there.  When we arrived at my parents' house we must have looked like zombies.  I will never judge again.

Pukey: For the few days leading up to our travels, Carina started spitting up projectile-style much more frequently.  We saw the doctor right before we left for the airport and they gave us a new reflux medication to try.  Unfortunately it wasn't really in time to stop her from spitting up all over me while in mid-air on Thursday.  The logistics of trying to clean all this up while the seat belt light was still on were rather difficult. 

The meds still hadn't really kicked in on Sunday, either.  When we ran from our first flight's gate to get to our next flight (which was already boarding), as soon as we stepped off of the moving walk BLAAAHHHHH.  She spit up almost everything she had eaten that day.  It was running down her clothes, my coat, and into the diaper bag.  There were pools of spit up in the diaper bag pockets ::cringe::  I started tearing up from frustration as we boarded the plane.  Lucky for us, Carina slept from then on. 

We finally arrived home at around 11 PM.  I cursed the clock as I set my alarm for 5:30 AM.  So.freaking.tired.


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Eliza said...

First off, I LOVE how happy you and your DH look in that first picture--pure sweetness!

And secondly, sorry about the awful flight experience! I can totally commiserate with you on that one. I flew with my 2 boys (they were 3 and 18 months at the time) from Utah to Georgia and they both got sick mid-flight. We're talking spiking fever, throwing-up, and the runs. I had to change their clothes multiple times in that tiny little airplane stall. It was an utter nightmare! So, I'm with you... I no longer judge at all!

Catherine said...

Oh honey...sounds like you had quite the weekend. I hope the spitting up stops and Baby C's reflux clears up. Hang in there.

The whole family looks great at the baptism though! Congratulations :)

MBR said...

wow, that's rough.

newest follower from the tailspin blog hop, pls visit me sometime at

have a great day

PhaseThreeOfLife said...

Man alive, traveling with an infant is HARD. So glad you survived (even if it was just barely).

Congrats on the baptism! Sounds like everything went really well. :)

Anonymous said...

Mabissa, trust me, it will get better over time, and when you have family only a couple hours away! Hang in there!

Melissa @ Growing Up Geeky said...

Thanks, ladies!

@Eliza - oh my goodness that sounds awful. I am so sorry you had to deal with that :(

Lindsey L said...

LindsRockies from The Bump here. :)

I love how happy and genuine your smile is in the first picture. Her dress looks gorgeous!

Unknown said...

It looks like her baptism was a beautiful occasion, even if getting there was a wee bit challenging.

We are planning to fly to NS with Nora for Christmas when she is about 8.5 months old. I am already anticipating that we will end up being "those" parents that we've been so quick to judge in the past.

Oh well.. you live and learn, right? lol

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