Monday, May 16, 2011

Must have Monday - Halo Swaddle Sleepsack

Sadly I have almost exhausted my list of Favorite Things in that I don't have ten to share with you this month.  As a result I am changing it up a little bit.  I created a page (up along the top there) where I have added all of the items I have shared with you since Carina's birth.

From here on out, I will be featuring one thing we love every Monday, and will add it to my running list.   So here is our first must have Monday item:

Halo Cotton Swaddle Sleepsack
About a month ago, Carina outgrew our aden + anais Swaddle Blankets.  She was waking up almost every night at least once, after sleeping through the night for the preceding month.   We'd find her with one or both arms busted out, grinning from ear to ear as if to say, "ha!  Foiled you again, Mom and Dad!" 
Halo Innovations Sleepsack Swaddle 100% Cotton, Cream, Small
We knew we'd need something a bit bigger and stronger.  We looked at SwaddleMes, the Woombie, and the Swaddlepod, but decided against those designs because we aren't sure for how much longer she will need swaddling.  Once she can sleep unswaddled, they would be useless.

The Halo Cotton Swaddle Sleepsack, on the other hand, can be used as a sleep blanket with or without the velcro swaddly part.  When Carina no longer needs to be swaddled, we can just unhook the velcro and take off the swaddle.  As soon as we started using this sleepsack, she was back to sleeping through the night almost every night!

What swaddly thingies worked well for you?  Oh, and when did you stop swaddling your baby?


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Unknown said...

My son is about to turn 1 here in less than 4 days and we STILL sometimes swaddle!!

We used the Swaddleme in Large and it was well worth the money! The velcro now is somewhat hard to latch on but I don't know what I'd do without it!

Everyone else that had babies that swaddled all broke free at like 3-4 months so I felt like there was something wrong with W wanting to still be swaddled, but he loved it so we still did it! And as far as I can tell no long term damage. (Some claim if you swaddle too long it can hinder the motor functions or something to that effect but W hit all his achievements right when he needed to)

I never used the Halo Sleepsack because once W was big enough I couldn't find anything large enough and that's why I went with the Swaddleme!

Mishu said...

Our Pedi told us to stop swaddling at 2 mos. At 3 mos, he told us we needed to stop swaddling and that she wasn't a newborn. Some doctors think that you're constraining your child and limiting their mobilities and explorations by swaddling, instead of teaching them how to sleep with them. He told us it might cost us a few nights of sleep but she'll get used to it. We went home that night and did not swaddle her and she was a much happier baby when she woke up. She was already trying to break out of the swaddlemes but we were just in the habit of swaddling. If C is breaking out of her swaddles, then chances are she probably wants out. I'd say try it on a Friday night and see how it goes. I can't imagine LO being swaddled now... she looks so cute with her arms moved around. Plus she can sleep on her side when she wants and if she rolls over, she rolls right over back. Good luck!!

Amanda Westerlund said...

We stopped swaddling when each of them rolled over, we went in to them fussing and they were stuck on their bellies, the poor babies. Conor was about 5 1/2 months, Riley was only like 3 1/2 months. I loved the swaddleme's though, nothing else kept their little hands in tight enough :)

Melissa @ Growing Up Geeky said...

@Manda - all of the SwaddleMes you gave us are too small for our little piglet! We tried them :)

thewildunknown said...

My son never liked being swaddled. We did in the hospital but shortly after we came home had to give it up. He's always liked to sleep sprawled out across the entire bed and fought the swaddle with everything he had

Mama B said...

We've been using that exact sleepsack since the day we brought Bella home. She LOVES it, and I swear this is the reason she sleeps so well, and started sleeping through the night at 2 months old.

I recently just bought a Miracle Blanket after hearing great things about it, and she loves that, too! I swear I'm going to be swaddling this girl until she's 15. lol Her arms and legs are still ALL over the place if she's not swaddled. She won't sleep for more than 5 minutes without it!

Anonymous said...

I love our sleepsack! At 5 months, we no longer swaddle Carter, but the sack gives him room and keeps him warm through the night.

...heather... said...

Halo sleep sacks are amazing! We tried the Woombie but Isla never had a full night's sleep in it. There's nothing better than the Halo.

Katy said...

We use the Halo Sleep Sack as well. I've tried putting Mady to bed unswaddled and she hates it.

I don't know how we're going to break the swaddle habit, but for now, we're perfectly happy with sleep sacks!

Unknown said...

We're currently using the Swaddle Me and love it. Of course, Nora is only 6 weeks. I'm also interested in the Halo and the Miracle blanket.

It's yet to be seen how long we will swaddle her, but for now, it's a must, and we bow down to the "Swaddle Me". :)

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