Monday, June 6, 2011

Must have Monday - Captain Calamari!

Carina LOVES Lamaze toys.  Since she could play with the adorable inchworm (mentioned in My Favorite Things - 3 Months) for hours, I decided to browse similar toys that Lamaze makes and pick one out.  Jacques the Peacock, Mortimer the Moose, and Freddie the Firefly all get great reviews on Amazon, but M thought they all looked creepy (ha!)  So I kept scrolling through the list and stumbled upon Captain Calamari.  We instantly fell in love.
This little guy is a tiny bit crazy looking, but definitely not creepy, in my opinion.  Every time I look at it I can't help but laugh.  It has eight tentacles, four of which are crinkly, one has two plastic rings attached, and one has a little ball with rattly things in it. 

In between the tentacles there is a nice shiny mirror where a real octopus would have a beak.  Thank goodness, as I think Carina is a bit too young for a fight to the death with a hungry octopus.  The hat is crinkly, and there's a hook at the top.  Perfect for attaching to whatever toy bar or car seat that is just screaming for a one-eyed thieving cephalopod.

Note: murky black ink is not included, phew!

Do you have any Lamaze toys?  Do you like them?


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Susie Buetow said...

Oh my gosh is this ever adorable! My twins had an inch worm similar to this when they were a baby. Love this!
Stopping in to say HI and thanks for stopping in, linking to the Alexa blog hop and leaving a comment! I love this hop and that I get to visit your sweet blog! Have a great week! susie

Amanda Westerlund said...

thieving cephalopod.....hahahaha, you crack me up!! :)

MommaM said...

Captain Calamari is Charlie's #1 favorite toy. He chews on the hook hand 24/7 since he started teething!

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