Monday, October 3, 2011

Why we aren't cloth diapering

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you might remember that we were so excited to use cloth diapers (or poop sacks, as M calls them) for Carina. We had an entire newborn stash and started using them as soon as they fit, when she was about 2 weeks old. Unfortunately her thighs were too tiny {which is hilarious, because now they are enormous!} so we had a major leakage problem. And shortly thereafter, a major ball was dropped on us; we would have to move out of our apartment complex when Carina was 3 months a new place with community coin-op laundry.

Our stash, just waiting to be pooped in
We decided it would be too costly to continue cloth diapering ($5 total per load x 3-4 loads per week = crazy) so we are currently using disposables, at least until we move again. I'm glad we made this decision, because not only would it have been cost prohibitive, but I think I would have gone insane by now just from spending that much time in our laundry room.

It is the laundry room straight from the bowels of the underworld. There are four washers and four dryers, but on any given day, one of each is broken. Except that there is no "Out of order" sign on them. So I unknowingly load up the washer, put in detergent and money, then press start, only to have nothing happen. Dejectedly, I move all of my clothes to the next washer, put in more money and detergent, and cross my fingers that this one works.

Broken washers make me CRRYYYY
And even better, if someone stops a dryer prematurely and takes out their clothes, it will still only finish the remaining time on that person's cycle {even after you put your own money in it}. In order to tell if the previous cycle was stopped, you have to lean your ear close to a little box in the back of the dryer and listen. A repetitive clicking sound means it was stopped too soon. No clicking means you're good to do. WTF? I seriously have to do this every time before I load the dryer.

Last week I loaded and started the washer, only to have it fill with water but not start spinning. The maintenance guy came to help, deemed it broken, and told me I would have to take my clothes out and move them myself {soaking wet} into another washer. So I schlepped my sopping clothes to another washer, threw them in, and it wouldn't start. F*#% I am so done with this.

Who has a laundry nightmare story for me? :)

P.S. The first topic for the Toddle Along Tuesday blog hop (which will be returning this week) will be "Introduction". Link to an old or brand new post introducing your kid(s). Still pregnant? Have some fun with it and introduce your bump! Feel free to include photos, videos, whatever you'd like.

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