Monday, November 21, 2011

Carina's Favorite "Toys"

I put "toys" in quotes because none of these are things that a baby should actually play with. I'm pretty sure that some of them would appear in the "DO NOT LET YOUR BABY PLAY WITH THESE" Bible, if it existed.

But, Carina's love for these is as immense and undeniable as it is frustrating. I don't have photos to go with most because when I see her chomping on the computer cable the last thing I'm going to do is take my sweet time snapping the perfect picture.

Electrical Cords
We try to keep as many cables as far away from Carina as possible, but unfortunately some of them are {temporarily} in rather prominent places. This will change when we move. No matter what she is playing with or doing, if she sees the computer cord she crawls over as fast as she can, picks it up, waves it around, and then proceeds to bite it. Luckily, I can usually catch her before the cord makes the speedy journey to her mouth.

The Remote Control
Mostly innocuous, except for the plethora of disgusting germs lurking on and around each and every button. VOM. She wants to shove it in her mouth so badly. Again, I am usually able to stop her before in the mouth it goes most of the time. More photos of Carina's love affair with the remote.

Marry me, sweet sweet clicky thing?

Trash Can
Our trash can is pretty gross on the outside as well as the inside. It's possible that I haven't cleaned it in quite a long time, and I'm not in a rush to do it now, either, since we're just going to throw it out when we move. Carina loves mirrors, and the trash can is stainless steel, so to her it must be like OMG PRETTY SORT-OF MIRROR. As soon as it comes into view she makes a beeline for it. Most of the time I'm able to run over and grasp her little hands right as they are about to rest on the shiny cesspool. Eww...I shudder thinking of those germs. I promise I will keep up with cleaning in our new place.

DVD Player
Ever since she could kneel, Carina has been going after the DVD/VHS combo player that we have {yes you read that correctly, a VHS player!} She likes to push the buttons (no big deal), bang on it (ehh, not going to hurt it), and stick her fingers in the VHS slot (eeek?) I usher her away from it every time she starts reaching for the opening, but sometimes I'm not quick enough. Just the other day she got one of her little fingers stuck and I felt like the most horrible Mother ever. It was only for a few seconds and she was fine, but I think I died a little inside.

About to attempt to shove her tiny fingers into the VHS opening

I don't know what it is about the iPhone that screams "best teething toy EVER!" but Carina seriously thinks it is. She clamors for it like nothing else in existence. In addition to probably being quite germy, I'm selfish - and I don't want her to destroy it with drool. So...sorry sweetie, no iPhone for you.

Wow. Upon re-reading that it might appear as if I never supervise my child. I promise that I do, she is just extremely fast. And most of these items have seen less action since the inception of the baby jail. Phew!

What "toys" does your baby try to play with?

P.S. I'll be reviving my Favorite Things posts soon!


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