Thursday, November 10, 2011

Urgent Care and my Happy Baby is Back!

After a low grade fever and a nursing strike that ended with Carina finally feeding but then vomiting everything up all over herself, me, and our bed, I called the doctor at 7 last night. They had us bring her in and after a quick glance in each ear the doctor announced, "yep. A raging double ear infection."


I felt like such a bad Mom for not calling the doctor sooner. I asked a number of my Mommy friends and they all said that a fever of 101.5 was nothing to worry about. This was the first time she even had a semblance of a fever, so I just wasn't sure what to do. I think I'll go with my gut from now on.

We started her on Amoxicillin last night and gave her a little Tylenol to help her get to sleep. After an hour and half long nap this morning, she woke up a happy baby! She is almost back to her old self already.

Mommy is my jungle gym

Isn't it so so sad to have a sick baby? When did yours first get sick?


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