Thursday, January 12, 2012

Budget freakout & my NOOO face

Due to a series of unfortunate miscalculations and misunderstandings, and the fact that everything here in Connecticut costs a hell of a lot more than it did back in Wisconsin, things are rather tight financially right now. And by tight I mean we're probably going to end up depleting our savings each month that I continue to not work.

I'd love to find something part-time, but because the price of day care is so high, none of the job listings I'm seeing would pay enough to make it worth our while. And my non-compete agreement with my old job runs through the end of August. So in other words, I basically can't do anything with my skillset, knowledge, and experience until then. Lovely.

I thought of maybe babysitting one or two kids in addition to Carina, but in Connecticut that would mean I would have to get licensed or else they can throw me in the Long Island Sound {practically}. It would take way past August to get licensed.

So do we just wait it out, as we deplete our savings month after month? We have enough to cover us until then, but we were also hoping to be able to buy a house before 2035. With my previous calculations I thought we would be saving a little bit of every paycheck. I feel so dumb for having made such an egregious mistake (after reading a couple sources online I thought that M's salary was FICA and Medicare tax exempt, but that's not the hiss). The fact that it costs twice as much for car insurance here and was $250 (!!!!) to get two CT licenses certainly doesn't help, either.

For such an organized control freak who doesn't ever usually make mistakes, finding this out literally made me go like this...

My off-center no makeup NOOO-face
Please, lay your money saving ideas on me. I coupon and always shop sales, anything else you can think of that might help? Or ways to earn a little extra money?


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