Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One Year Update (going to go ugly cry now...)

Carina is One. I can't believe it has been a year since she was placed in my arms for the very first time.

Milestones: You are cruising everywhere these's only a matter of time before you are walking. No rush though, seriously ;) A couple of words have been added to your ever expanding vocabulary including "ball", "Pap" and "Pepere" (your grandfathers). Teeth #3 and 4 just started poking through, which is good, because you're pretty much eating whatever Mommy and Daddy eat these days. Your favorite foods are clementines, apples, and ravioli. You also just started whole milk and are doing just fine with it so far. I am still nursing you, though, first thing in the morning, before your naps, before bed, and usually one additional time during the day.

Loves: You absolutely loved our Christmas tree. You circle around it, trying to break grab all of the ornaments. You particularly like the round, spherical ones, to which you point and yell, "ball!" I think you really like our new apartment, too. There are so many places for you to explore, including the cabinets and drawers in the galley next to the kitchen. Whenever you get bored with playing you make a beeline right for the cabinets. Whyyy must your favorite be the one that contains the trash? Gross. I hate when I can't catch you fast enough.  Your favorite toys this month include your Jellycat Monkey. It makes me smile to see you carrying him around by his tail or shoving his face in your mouth. The Bright Starts Activity Table is another favorite. Ever since we attached the legs you have loved spending time cruising along it, and shoving whatever you can find inside the whole in the middle. Tee hee. Oh, and who could forget peekabo. You love it, and I love it because of the barrel laughs it evokes out of you.

Hates: Diaper changes are a nightmare! Sometimes you twist around to the point where I'm holding your ankles in midair as you wrestle yourself away from me completely. Watching your tiny naked bum crawl determinedly away cracks me up. Why try? I'm going to get you and slap a clean diaper on that booty, whether you like it or not ;) I have found that giving you a book and singing to you while I change your diaper usually buys me a few minutes, escape-free. Lately you have disliked getting put down, when Mommy walks out of view, when Daddy leaves in the morning, and when I put you in the baby jail so I can cook. Must be separation anxiety. You also don't like it when dogs lick your face. Can't blame you there. Lastly, you kick and scream when I try to clip your nails. You would think I was cutting off your fingers or something, yikes!

Weight & height: It's been a while since you've been officially weighed, and unfortunately your year appointment isn't until February 10th. They book appointments way out in advance here in CT. My attempt to weigh you the other day resulted in 18.5 pounds. Who knows; I guess we'll find out in a month. You are still in size 4 diapers, although we have started transitioning over to cloth diapers and I am so excited about it! You are still wearing some size 12 Month clothes, but most of what fits you really well is in 18 Months.You still haven't grown our of your tiny shoes. Most of your size 3s are still too big. You might have the tiniest feet ever.

I gave up on the "I am __ months old today" signs a few months ago. You either tried to eat them, or rip them apart.

More beautiful every day.

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