Friday, January 13, 2012

Did my not-really-breastfeeding photo get reported?

I was going to give an update today on how cloth diapering is going since quite a few of you have asked, but then something strange happened. (side note: isn't it funny how the things in which our babies poop is such a hot topic?)

On Monday, I wrote about how I was feeling after one year of breastfeeding, and the possibility of weaning Carina. I posted a link to the blog post on my Facebook Fan Page (and if your blog posts contain a photo, Facebook automatically posts a little thumbnail of the photo). I was overwhelmed by your thoughts and advice in response to the post, so I went back to my Fan Page yesterday to comment on the link, thanking you all.

But, I couldn't find the link; it had disappeared. All of my other posts were still there. So, I tried to post it again, but Facebook wouldn't let me. It kept on saying "Something has gone wrong, sorry" when I clicked the "Post" button. I didn't think anything of it; I just assumed it was a glitch and gave up after a few tries. When I posted the link for yesterday's post about our money troubles [the next day], it worked just fine. So, I figured I'd try the breastfeeding link again. It STILL wouldn't work. Then I checked the "No thumbnail" box, and voila! It posted just fine, sans thumbnail.

What did Facebook have against my photo?

Carina isn't nursing; she's sleeping. And nothing at all is exposed. You can see more skin in any of my "Anything But Clothes" party pictures from Senior year in college. Oh yeah and please don't go looking for those...

Did someone report it? Because I can't imagine why else the link and thumbnail would disappear, and then Facebook wouldn't let me post it again. I know Facebook has been buggy lately, but it let me post links and thumbnails for other blog posts, and it even let me post the link to the breastfeeding post - but only when I didn't include the thumbnail.

Strangely, after I posted both on Facebook and Twitter about being upset that my not-really-breastfeeding breastfeeding picture was being censored, the link and thumbnail reappeared a few hours later. Along with it there were now 15+ copies of the same link and thumbnail...all of the times I had tried to post it, but had been denied days prior.

I honestly have no idea what happened. Did someone report the post, and then later realize their mistake? Was it all a Facebook glitch? I'm hoping it is the latter, for obvious reasons. I can't imagine that any of you guys would report such a benign photo...

Thoughts? Does anyone know what actually happens when you report something on Facebook? Do they remove it until someone can take a look to see if it is actually offensive?


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