Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Update on our poop sacks (aka cloth diapers)

If you've been reading for a long time you might remember how excited I was in anticipation of using cloth diapers. M affectionately dubbed them "poop sacks" early on, and I took advantage of last year's Black Friday sales to build quite the stash.

We tried our newborn diapers shortly after Carina was born, but were less than pleased. We just couldn't get the right fit and became discouraged quickly. Once we became faced with moving to an apartment complex with coin op laundry, we just decided to put cloth diapers on hold until we finally moved to Connecticut.

So we're here, and it was time! I happily put Carina in a FuzziBunz One-Size diaper and crossed my fingers that it would go well. A bit later, I heard a few grunts and then I watched in horror as a tiny spot of baby poop grew and spread from her thigh to her knee before I could grab her and make haste for the bathroom. Crap. Literally. What did I do wrong?

Oops I crapped my pants

Then we tried a BumGenius 4.0 pocket, this time at night. A number of my Momma friends told me that this one was their favorite. I had high hopes until I heard Carina screaming at 2 AM. I ran into the nursery to make sure she was okay and picked her up out of the crib. Much to my dismay, the front of her pajamas was soaked in pee. So was the sheet. And a few of her blankets. At 2 AM. Perfect.

So again, we gave up. We were about to go visit our families for the holidays anyway, and weren't planning on cloth diapering when we were there. I vowed to give it one more shot after we got home - it was sort of my New Year's Resolution.

Fast forward about 2 weeks to today; I am loving our cloth diapers! In retrospect, the poopsplosion and pee reservoir were my own fault. I didn't realize at first that one size diapers have different settings, specific to baby's size. So yeah I guess I had Carina on the setting for babies who are 30+ lbs, and Carina is closer to 19 lbs. I'm embarrassed. They are working much, much better now, and I am eager to get my hands on some more...

Do you cloth diaper? What is your favorite brand?


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