Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Yes I'm still sane & I hope this doesn't damage her for life - on leaving Carina

I've been a bit amused at the comments that I've been getting when I divulge that I'll be away from Carina overnight for the first time ever this week. I take the train into New York City on Thursday morning for BlogHer, and then will be taking the train to Philly on Sunday morning to meet up with her and Mike. From there we'll drive down to Virginia Beach for vacation with his family.

The responses have ranged from "OMG three whole days?!? Are you sure you won't psychologically damage her for life?" to "What? You haven't been away from her for a night yet and you're still sane?" Okay I'm exaggerating just a tad, but you get the idea. It's really interesting to hear how varied people's thoughts on leaving their little ones are.

Since quitting work last August (has it really almost been a year?) I haven't been away from her for longer than a couple hours, so it's safe to say that 72 hours will be like an eternity, relatively speaking. I know she'll be fine - in the very capable hands of a friend, Mike, and later my parents - but my heart aches thinking that at some point she'll call out, "Mommy! Mommy!" like she does so often and I won't be there to hug her, hold her, snuggle her. I'll miss her giggles, her smiles, and her sweet baby smell that still hasn't gone away.

I will for sure miss this face

Part of me is so excited to finally get some freedom. The other part? Feels like a horrible Mother for even admitting that.

When did you first leave your baby and for how long? Or haven't you yet? Did/do you have mixed emotions, too?

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