Saturday, September 29, 2012

5 Fun Things About Post-Partum Recovery - Guest Post

Hi y'all! I'm Sarah from It's a Vol, wife to Christopher and toddler wrangling, coffee drinking, cloth diapering Mississippi Hippie mom to our girl Evie. I can't craft to save my life, but I bake a mean German Chocolate Cake. I am a sucker for tween music, my daughter's smile and the perfect glass of sweet tea. Stop by and say hi, y'all.
Since I am filling in for Melissa while she, Mike, Carina and Aurelia adjust to their new family and because frankly, all this talk of adorable squishy babies is giving me a case of the baby sniffles (not baby fever mind you, just the sniffles) I thought I'd give you and myself a little reminder about the truth of those post-partum days and perhaps provide me some much needed a little birth control. 

1) Jumping right in, let's talk about the massive amounts of blood that ooze out of your lady bits. Remember walking around with a pad the size of a Buick in your sexy mesh granny panties? I do. It was fun, right?

2) Whether you are having a vaginal birth, a c-section or an ear birth (just kidding -- you can't give birth out of your ear) something somewhere is getting shredded and it's gonna need to heal. And it's gonna hurt.

3) Moving right a long we've got the oh so lovely uber flabby, still stretched out three day post-partum belly. J-E-LLO. It's ALIVE!

4) The hormones, oh the hormones. I am convinced that Robert Louis Stevenson wrote the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde after a particularly unpleasant encounter with a sleep deprived six day post-partum momma.

5) Poop. After squeezing a watermelon sized object through a roughly 10 cm hole or having a six inch incision made in your lower abdomen to remove said watermelon sized object the doctors would like you to put enormous pressure on your bashed up girly parts or gashed open abdomen in an effort to produce a number 2. I don't think I need to elaborate here, ladies.

What "fun things" do you remember about your post-partum recovery? If you are expecting, what are you most looking forward to?

Thanks for the reminder Sarah - LOL!

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