Thursday, September 20, 2012

In which Daddy teaches toddler how to defeat him

Among his sister's friends, Mike is quite famous for his epic pout face. He has even been known to out-pout cute little girls. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that after 7 years of dating (and 3.5 of marriage), it still works on me. I think he should consider himself lucky.

While photos certainly can't do it justice, I love this one so I had to share. 

Mike and our flower girl in a pout-off, about 5 years ago. Hope she doesn't kill me for posting this ;)
As Carina's eyes turned from slate blue to brown in the months following her birth, we knew she was going to have those pouty, puppy-dog eyes just like Mike. We joked that it was going to be so easy for her to get whatever she wants from us with a simple curl of the lip and widening of her eyes.

So, when Mike started showing her how to pout the other day I couldn't help but laugh. He already {practically} can't say "no" to her. This? Is not going to help...

The best one comes right at the end.

Now she knows, and Daddy is doomed.

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