Sunday, September 16, 2012

No baby yet! 39 week bumpdate

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you might know that I had some contractions on Friday night and for a little while I thought they were the real deal. Nope - just a tease. Before this happened, I was perfectly content in waiting for my due date for baby girl to come, but now I'm finding myself getting impatient!

How far along? 39 weeks

Weight gain/loss: 146 lbs. Total gain of 28 lbs. so far. I gained 35 lbs. last time.

Feeling: Surprisingly energetic! I've been on a tear trying to clean and organize around the house. Yep, nesting is in full effect. It is a little hard, though, when you're dealing with uncomfortable contractions all the while ;)

Maternity clothes? I feel like this is a rhetorical question at this point.

Sleep: Other than a little bit of restless legs and getting up 3+ times a night to pee, I am getting some quality sleep. I've also been able to fall asleep earlier than midnight almost every night this past week!

Food cravings: Olive Garden. We were going to go on Friday until the contractions started. To satisfy my craving I made Olive Garden copycat breadsticks last night and they were absolutely amazing. I'll have to blog the recipe.

Movement? During the contractions on Friday and since, she has been moving like CRAZY. It's almost constant.

What I miss? You'd think by now I'd be used to have such an enormous belleh, but somehow I'm still clumsy and end up bumping it into everything! So? I miss being able to walk around worry-free, rather than treating our home like an obstacle course.

Best moment this week: Getting the Pack n Play and changing station set up in our room. Just like old times.

What I'm looking forward to: Holding her for the first time.

Next Appointment: Wednesday, September 19th at 39.5 weeks. I'll let my OB check my progress for the 1st time, I think.

Milestones: I am the most pregnant I've ever been! Just for fun - does anyone have a guess as to when the baby will arrive?

I never hit 39 weeks with Carina, so this is uncharted pregnancy territory for me. Last time, I did do a "what would have been 39 weeks" post with an awesome post-partum pic. Oh the saggy bag of jello... ;)

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