Thursday, November 1, 2012

Not respecting the turkey this year

I know; I'm awful. And? A hypocrite, as I've always advocated for waiting until November 26th to deck the halls. I have even scoffed and passed judgment upon entering department stores that choose to decorate and play Christmas music as early as September. Okay, my offense isn't quite that bad, though (right?) Halloween is over, and our decorations are going up this weekend. Why the sudden change in our standard operating procedure?

Deprivation. Only once in the last 5 years have I been able to throw my heart into decorating and really getting into the holiday spirit. Here's why:

2007: we were packing up to move at the end of December and our 3 month old kittens tried (and succeeded) in taking down the Christmas tree a number of times - see below
2008: the one time we were able to decorate.
2009: we took a 2+ week road trip from Wisconsin to Phildelphia, then Boston, and back before Christmas
2010: we probably should have went all out decorating this year, but I was as huge as a whale and so tired. Carina arrived just 3 days after Christmas.
2011: we moved from Wisconsin to Connecticut (with Carina and cats in tow) in December. We actually couldn't find most of our decorations amongst all the boxes.

This year? There is nothing stopping us. Except maybe the cats...and Carina. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

Kittens in tree, Cats in tree, Kittens in Christmas Tree
Christmas 2007: are those furry ornaments?
So the bottom line is I am SUPER excited to go crazy with decorations this year and I want to do it now and you can go ahead and judge me ;)

When do you decorate for the holidays? Do you have just a few things you put up or do you go all out?

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