Sunday, November 25, 2012

Should I be proud or embarrassed?

Dunkin Donuts.

Any self-respecting New Englander is quite familiar with this chain of coffee & donut shops, as it's rather hard not to be; there is one on almost every corner.

My 5 years in Wisconsin were extremely just a little sad and dreary because {tragedy of all tragedies} there wasn't a single Dunkin Donuts within a 30 mile radius. When we moved to Connecticut I was so excited to see that there is a Dunkies just 3 blocks away.

Too excited, probably, since we ended up going quite often. It made for a perfect walk to break up the slow winter afternoons. I didn't give Carina her first donut until we knew we were dealing with failure to thrive and even then she just had one munchkin.

When she was about 16 Months old we were driving down a road we had never before traversed and passed a Dunkin Donuts. She exclaimed, "donut!" Mike and I looked at each other in amazement. She recognized the Dunkin Donuts logo and knew that it meant donuts were there. My first thought was, "wow! That's smart!" Then it hit me that my barely-a-toddler had brand awareness.  Embarrassment began to take over. Clearly I had been taking her too regularly...

Enjoying a chocolate glazed donut
It was about then that we started going a little less frequently. Something just didn't sit right with me that Carina, at such a young age, could identify corporate logos and associate them with the product that they sell. So much advertising these days is geared towards children and it bothers me (but that's a post for another day). I don't like to see it affecting my child at all, let alone at 16 Months.

Does your baby or toddler recognize any brands or products like this? Does it bother you (or would this bother you?) Or am I just being ridiculous? ;)
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