Friday, January 4, 2013

First Step: Getting Help

My mind is racing. I just started three different blog posts but don't have the energy to finish any of them. Aurelia's 3 Month post is already way late, Carina's 2 year post is getting there, and I'm starting to feel overwhelmed by how much I want to write about but just can't find the time.

I went to see my OB yesterday and she confirmed that I have post-partum anxiety. My blood pressure was higher than I've ever seen it before in my life and simply talking about my symptoms made me start crying and shaking and I don't ever want to feel this way again.

She gave me a referral to see a psychiatrist and I'm going this afternoon. Thanks to everyone for all of your supportive comments, messages, and e-mails. I'm sorry if I'm a bit delayed in getting back to you, but please know that I've read them all and appreciate it so much.

Here's to feeling better soon, hopefully?

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