Wednesday, January 2, 2013

World's worst procrastinator

Almost a year and a half ago I left my full coffee mug just a bit too close to the computer while Carina was sitting in my lap. I'll bet you can imagine what happened next.

Despite its brief soak in Caribou blend, my laptop made a full recovery. Well, almost; the keyboard never worked again. So, since that fateful day I have been using an external keyboard with my that previously accompanied Mike's circa 2002 iMac. Read: big, bulky, and LOUD. No joke, the thunderous sound of my typing on it makes Mike turn up the TV volume. It is beginning to yellow (it was white once upon a time), has hair and crumbs trapped inside (umm...ew?), and at least a handful of keys have grimy stuff caked on them. I have no idea how I managed using this monstrosity for 17 months.

But today is a new magical day. Just a few minutes ago Mike installed a brand new keyboard as part of my birthday present. One that fits right within my laptop. It isn't loud. It doesn't have hair or crumbs or grime. My fingers are still getting used to the shape of the keys and I can't seem to find the Delete button but I am so happy to no longer have to carry around the external keyboard and disturb whoever is watching TV near me.

::cue heavenly music::
It was only $20 and took 5 minutes to install. Why didn't I do this a year and a half ago? I'm probably one of the laziest people alive.

Tell me I'm not the only procrastinator out there. Have you ever waited way too long to do something?

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